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At Midlothian Dental Arts, Dr. Jeryl Abbott sometimes suggests a removable partial denture for patients who are missing multiple teeth in one part of their mouth. This is an abbreviated form of dentures that are custom designed to fit with the gum structure in the area. Even though the partial will not suffer from tooth decay, you will still need to pay it some special attention in your daily oral hygiene routine.

Denture adhesive is popular with many partial wearers. If this is the case for you and a few food particles get stuck in the space between the partial and your gums, you should thoroughly rinse the unit and reapply fresh adhesive.

After taking your partial out at night, you should rinse it thoroughly to clear away residual denture adhesive. This will provide a smooth surface so you can reapply the denture adhesive in the morning. You should then brush your partial with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a nonabrasive toothpaste like denture polish. You can then store your partial overnight by soaking it in water and keeping it in a safe place.

Then, you can brush and floss the rest of your teeth as part of your usual daily oral hygiene routine. Maintaining healthy gums will also help the partial fit securely and comfortably.

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