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Frequently, toothaches are brought on by tooth decay or infections that that has worked its way into the tooth’s pulp. In most cases, your dentist can see you right away, but there may be some instances in which you will have to wait. veral days before you see your dentist. That’s excruciating long when you have a painful toothache.

The aching sensation of a toothache can fluctuate from discomfort to pain. In any case, you’ll want it to stop as soon as possible. There are some things you can do at home while you’re waiting for your appointment.

-Benzocaine, usually mingled with an antiseptic, can be administered directly to the tooth and gums without issue. (Note: Benzocaine has been connected to the rare but serious condition methemoglobinemia. Talk with your doctor before you use it.).
-Pain relievers such as aspirin are available without a prescription. Just don’t apply them directly to the gum tissue..
-Rinsing with warm salt water can provide short-term relief.
-A cold pack, or massaging the area with an ice cube can help.
-Some oils have been known to provide homeopathic relief. Particularly, oil of clove and oil of oregano separately applied to the tooth and gums.
-Asafoetida from the roots of parsley plants is known to relieve toothache pain. Beware, it has a bitter taste and a strong smell.

If you are suffering from a toothache, our dentist, Dr. Jeryl Abbott will see you as soon as she can. Please contact Midlothian Dental Arts to make an appointment at: 804-419-5155, or come by our office in Midlothian, Virginia.