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In general, dental checkups with the dentist should be scheduled every six months, though some patients may need to visit Midlothian Dental Arts more often, especially if they are struggling with health conditions that affect their dental health. Below we list some very important reasons to maintain routine visits with the dentist for your oral and general health.

We encourage you to visit the dentist right away if you are experiencing dental pain or received a damaged tooth and a dental accident. It’s also a good idea to schedule a dental appointment if you notice any changes in the look or feel of your smile, even if it doesn’t seem as though anything is wrong. Conditions involving tooth sensitivity, minor dental pain, ill-fitted dentures or a bite that doesn’t come together well can all indicate a developing dental problem that could become severe over time.

Your oral health and overall health are closely linked, meaning they can direct impact one another and affect your wellbeing. For example, research performed on gum disease has revealed its association with other harmful health issues, including heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Life changes such as pregnancy, a medical diagnosis or new prescription medication should be mentioned at your visits with your dentist so that we can provide the best possible care for your oral health.

Children should visit the dentist for a wellness checkup within six months of receiving their first tooth or by their first birthday so that we can assess their oral development.

Whether you are due for a dental checkup in Midlothian, Virginia, or are concerned about your oral health, please contact Midlothian Dental Arts at 804-379-9177 today to schedule a visit with Dr. Jeryl Abbott or Dr. Matthew Stafford.