Missing Tooth Solutions

You’ve had severe decay or an injury that caused the loss of a tooth. What now? Missing teeth can make simple things like eating and speaking difficult. The gap in your smile can even cause embarrassment. Your dentist may suggest dental implants or dentures. Dental implants are made up of... Read more »

Benefits of Mouthwash

Mouthwash in different brands, sizes, and flavors line the aisles of the personal hygiene section at the grocery store, but how often do you think about the benefits that come with using mouthwash daily? The list could go on forever, but here are some of the most important benefits in... Read more »

Root Canals: Explained

What is a root canal? Root canal treatment, also called Endodontic treatment, is needed when the pulp, or the innermost layer of the tooth, becomes infected or inflamed. Pulp inflammation can occur for many different reasons, but most stem from deep tooth decay, repeated dental procedures on one tooth, or... Read more »

Five Tips to Improve Your Smile

1. Brush and Floss – Brushing and flossing are two of the most important things you can do to improve your smile. Brush and floss everyday to effectively prevent cavities and improve the appearance of your teeth, contributing to a brighter smile and a more confident you. 2. Eat Fruits... Read more »