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Tooth restoration is a modern way to fix severe damage such as cracked or decayed teeth. In most cases, dental crowns are recommended when a tooth is damaged to the point that a filling will not restore it successfully. The crown, made from porcelain, is custom fit to your smile in terms of color, size, and placement! In the meantime, while perfecting your permanent new smile, you will receive a temporary crown. Here are a few tips and recommendations for how to maintain those temporary crowns.

A temporary crown is meant to last about 3 weeks, until your permanent crown arrives. A temporary crown is meant to protect your tooth underneath while you wait for the permanent crown to be ready. The temporary is also meant to hold the space for your permanent crown while keeping your adjacent teeth in the correct position. If for some reason you lose your temporary crown, it is imperative to call your dentist to have it replaced. If not replaced, your permanent crown will likely not fit and you may damage your underlying tooth. This vulnerability of the damaged tooth could also cause that area to be very sensitive to temperature. As an added precaution, we highly recommend patients to not eat sticky, gummy, or hard, crunchy foods. Sticky foods will pull off the temporary and crunchy, hard foods will break the temporary.
If you are thinking of pursuing this process, or you are already in this process and have more questions, please contact us today!