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Periodontal health problems like gum disease can cause uncomfortable symptoms and potentially result in the loss of multiple teeth. Fortunately, gum disease can often be prevented by an effective and consistent daily oral hygiene routine.

This starts with brushing twice and flossing your teeth once each day. This will help to remove food particles and plaque buildup before they can harden into tartar.

An effective tooth brushing technique calls for a soft-bristled toothbrush and a toothpaste formulated with mild abrasives and added fluoride. Be sure to brush each tooth in a small circular motion. It should take you between two to three minutes to fully brush all 32 of your teeth.

An effective flossing technique starts by gently inserting the strand between each tooth as well as along the gumline, and behind your back molars. These are often forgotten yet they can easily trap stray food particles and plaque.

The American Dental Association also recommends having a routine dental checkup administered by a professional dentist like Dr. Jeryl Abbott twice each year. This will help detect any signs of tooth decay, gum disease or oral cancer. If a problem is found, your dentist will help you understand your treatment options.

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