At Midlothian Dental Arts, our patients’ comfort is our top priority. We are proud to offer sedation dentistry to help make your visit as pleasant as possible. By using a sedative before treatment, we are able to make dental appointments a much more relaxing experience for patients who feel stressed, anxious, or nervous about treatment.

At Midlothian Dental Arts, we offer a few different types of sedation that can be used based on your individual preference:

  • Nitrous oxide: a sedative gas, commonly known as laughing gas, that is inhaled to help you relax. It typically wears off quickly once the flow of gas is stopped.
  • Oral sedation: an oral medication that is taken before your treatment to help you feel calm and relaxed.
  • IV sedation: a sedative medication that is administered through an IV, making it easier to control and faster to achieve. With IV sedation, you are still conscious but relaxed enough to even fall asleep during your treatment.

Each of these options is a safe and effective choice for a more pleasant dental experience. For oral and IV sedation, you will be required to have a friend or family member drive you to and from your appointment.

With every patient, our goal is to provide a comfortable dental experience. If you suffer from dental anxiety or simply do not enjoy dental visits, sedation dentistry may be the right option for you. Dr. Abbott is happy to discuss any concerns you have and how we can make your dental experience more relaxing. Contact us today for more information on our sedation dentistry options!