A root canal treatment, also known as endodontics, is needed when there is significant damage to a tooth’s nerve and roots. This can happen due to numerous reasons, including injury or severe tooth decay. A root canal removes the infected tissue from within the tooth, restoring it to health in an effort to prevent a tooth extraction. Root canals are an extremely effective treatment for eliminating tooth pain.

The extent of the procedure depends on how extensively the tooth is damaged. Dr. Stafford at Midlothian Dental Arts is careful to assess the tooth to determine the cause of damage and how extensive it is.

While root canals traditionally have a reputation of being a painful procedure, we believe in a better way. Our dentists utilize advanced techniques and tools so you can be as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure. Dr. Stafford, along with our entire dental team, takes care to provide you with the best experience during each visit to our office.

Give us a call today to discuss your concerns and any questions you may have. If root canal treatment has been recommended to you by another dentist, we are happy to provide a second opinion. We look forward to hearing from you!