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Do you have an annoying gap in your smile you want to fill and restore the full function of your smile? Fix it with a dental bridge! If you don’t know what a dental bridge is, our dental staff here at Midlothian Dental Arts is happy to help you with that information! A dental bridge is a restorative treatment to fix your smile, to help return the functionality of your jaw and mouth. It can also restore your smile’s look by filling in the empty space and regain functions such as the way you eat and chew, the way you speak, relieve stress on the joints from pressure, and enhance the motion of your jaw.

Dr. Jeryl Abbott will consider the three different bridge approaches used for a dental bridge placement and determine the best course of treatment. These typically include a combination of these options or just the use of implants, natural teeth, and/or crowns. This includes a traditional (when the crowns are connected to both surrounding teeth), a cantilever (an artificial tooth is connected to a crown), or a Maryland (when an artificial tooth is bonded to the surrounding teeth).

A dental bridge can either be made with porcelain, metals, or a mixture of different materials. To get the best fit, an impression of your teeth is first made. A dental crown is then placed on each side of the missing space (this will hold the dental bridge in place). A dental bridge placement may take up to two visits while we wait for the making of the replacement bridge.

Your new dental bridge will be placed by Dr. Jeryl Abbott and you may need to return afterwards to ensure its fit and comfortability. Call Midlothian Dental Arts today for an appointment or consultation at 804-419-5155. Our dental staff here in Midlothian, Virginia, at 804-419-5155 will be happy to help you regain the full function and look of your smile today!