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Ceramic braces (also known as clear braces) or clear aligners are the new alternative to metal braces and having a more pleasing smile. These can be used when the teeth are not aligned as long as the alignment isn’t too off it needs the practical use of metal brackets. Dr. Jeryl Abbott and her team at Midlothian Dental Arts want to provide the right straightening care for you.

With clear braces, you would have them installed just like regular metal braces (like these, they don’t break or fall off easily). They are made of a ceramic material that your orthodontist will match to your teeth to make them blend in more. This is especially beneficial when taking pictures where they are hardly visible.

For clear aligners, you wear an easily removable, plastic, and customized casing that is replaced every two weeks. Slowly moving your teeth, your clear aligners will move your teeth into the proper placement, and your orthodontist will recommend wearing these for a while after the alignment is placed. This is to ensure your teeth become stable and stay in the years to come. Another benefit of having removable aligners is being able to eat foods and clean them easily.

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