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You deserve a strong and healthy smile. This is why your dentist, Dr. Jeryl Abbott, strongly encourages you to care for your teeth and gums regularly. Unfortunately, there are habits you can participate in at work that can negatively affect your oral health. It’s best to avoid those habits as much as possible. Those habits are:

-Chewing on your nails and other hard objects: Chewing on your nails, pencils, pens and ice can put unnatural pressure on the teeth, which can fracture the tooth enamel. The crack might be small and unnoticeable at first, but if you keep chewing on hard objects, it can get bigger and crack the entire tooth.

-Not drinking enough water: It’s important to sip on water throughout the day because the water can wash the mouth as you drink it. This can help you prevent dental issues as well as dry mouth and bad breath. So, make sure to sip on water regularly.

-Not chewing gum: When you chew gum, you produce saliva, and saliva can wash the bacteria from the teeth and gums. So, please chew sugar-free gum after each meal and snack to keep your mouth clean and pristine.

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