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Oral emergencies can occur at any time, so it is best to prepare in advance so you know what to do should an accident. Often, the first few moments after an accident can be crucial to recovery.

For a list of guidelines concerning oral emergencies, consider the following:

What should you do if you have a tooth knocked out?
If a tooth is knocked out, your dentist may be able to put it back in the socket. Soak the tooth in a tooth-saving solution such as Save-A-Tooth, put it in milk, or hold it between your teeth and gums. You should alert your dentist as soon as possible.

Item stuck between teeth:
Items stuck between teeth are to be treated delicately, without the use of sharp tools or instruments. If possible, avoid using anything that can potentially damage your teeth and gums, and instead opt for an interdental cleaner to help dislodge the item.

Cracked or chipped tooth:
If a tooth is knocked loose, or chipped or cracked, clear away any extra debris around the wound and cover it with a gauze pad until the bleeding stops. Save any pieces of the tooth if you can.

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