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Who doesn’t love snack foods? Between the candy and the chips, it’s hard not to stay away from our favorite snack foods and treats. But did you know that they are causing more harm than good for your teeth? Today we’re going to show you why these foods aren’t the best choices when it comes to your teeth.


Chewy or sticky candies like caramel or taffy tend to stick to teeth for a long time, giving bacteria the opportunity to grow from the sugar. This bacterium causes the sugars from the candy to turn into acid, which dissolves tooth enamel that later cause cavities. Hard candies will have the same effect, but may also cause your teeth to chip if you bite down on the candy the wrong way.

Crackers and chips

Crackers and chips are great snacking foods but consist of refined carbohydrates that are easily converted into sugar once in your mouth, providing an excellent environment for cavities to form. Both of these foods, after broken down in your mouth, tend to build up in the cracks and crevices of your teeth, making it hard to clean out.

You should always practice good oral hygiene by brushing your teeth and flossing after eating these foods. Give our office a call today at 804-419-5155 to schedule a teeth cleaning appointment with our dentist.